LEE Hyoyoun(1973~)

Educational Qualifications
2006 Royal Institute of Art, ,Stockholm, Special Student
2005 Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Project Student
1997 Hongik University, Seoul, BFA

Solo Exhibitions
2023 <Unknown Landscape> Film Forum Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2022 <Me whole and Belief in the Woods> Gallery GABI, Seoul, South Korea
2021 <Wait a minute, there are rhythms here>Sono Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2020 <Somewhere August> Art space J, Bundang, South Korea
2020 <Painting written by voice> GS Tower The Street Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2020 <PICTOHAIKU> Dorossy Salon, Soeul, South Korea
2019 <In between Blue> Gallery Hee, Yang San, South Korea
2019 <Longing to be light> Gallery artbn, Seoul, South Korea
2018 <Friends Flowers> Dorossy Salon, Seoul, South Korea
2017 <Phantom pain>B cut Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2017 <Somewhere other than here>,Hotel Gat Point Charlie, Berlin, Germany
2016 <My night is your morning> B One Gallery, Pangyo, South Korea
2015 <A story of lost it’s story>, Gallery Gabi, Seoul, South Korea
2012 <Landscape , and Rest>, Duru Art Space, Seoul, South Korea
2010 <Show window in Urbanscape>, Gallery Dam, Seoul, South Korea
2009 <Travel note>, Dr Park Gallery, Yang-Pyeong, South Korea
2008 <Urbanscape>, Priors Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2005 <The garden of Ulmme>, Gallery Nordens Ljus, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Group Exhibitions
2023 Colorful Beautiful, Sono art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2023 Encore Collectables_10 years’Cube 1, Bundang, south Korea
2021 Color Inside, Gallery Planet, Seoul, South Korea
2020 TenToThen, Munwhayeok Seoul 284  TMO, Seoul, South Korea
2020 Finally, May, Hyewha Art Center, Seoul, South Korea
2019, Fragrant Shadow, Sono Art Gallery, Soeul, South Korea
2019, Early Blossom, Dorossy Salon, Seoul, South Korea
2018, December, Dorossy Salon, Seoul, South Korea
2018, A cup of coffee, 63Sky art Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2018, Familiar and Unfamiliar, Lina Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2018, Cup of Coffee, 63 Sky Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2018, The Next Big Movement,  KIMI art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2018, Made in Paint Paintings, Golden Gallery, NY USA
2018, Ode to Forgetting,Seoul City Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2017, Open Studio, Golden Foundation Residency, NY, US
2017, Open Studio, GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany
2016, Unexpected, Thirst for Understanding, Gallery Art bn, Seoul, South Korea
2016, SEMA Collection Showcase, BukSeoul Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2015, Painting-Every windows to the world, Blume Museum, Heyri, South Korea
2014, Confession of a Mask, Seoul National University Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2014, Unfamiliar space, Unfamiliar landscape,63 Sky Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2013, Thanksgiving2, Ujung Art Center, Seoul, South Korea
2013, Slowscape, Space K, Daegu, South Korea
2013, Slow Art, Nonbat Art School Underground Gallery, Heyri, South Korea
2012, Small Masterpiece, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2012, Healing Camp, Gana Art Center, Seoul, South Korea
2012, Fashion Holic, Galleria Center City, Cheon-An, South Korea
2012, The private city, Gallery Keumsan, Seoul and Heyri, South Korea
2012, Small painting show, Jang-Heung Art Park Museum, Jang-Heung, South Korea
2011, Painter, Paint a novel, Gallery Georack, Seoul, South Korea
2011, The Moon, Gallery Kimi Art, Seoul, South Korea
2011, Evoke, Gallery 4walls, Seoul, South Korea
2010, Landscape of Rest, Gallery Dr. Park, Yang-Pyeong, South Korea
2010, Village Lost Its Time, Gallery Shin-Han, Seoul, South Korea
2010, Hey Mr. Lonely, Gana Art Pusan, Pusan, South Korea
2010, Urban Utopia, Gallery Curio Mook, Seoul, South Korea
2010, Hey Mr. Lonely, Gana Art Contemporary, Seoul, South Korea
2010 <330>, Gallery Sun, Seoul , South Korea
2010, Somewhere only we know, Gallery Royal, Seoul, South Korea
2009, Art Road 77, Gallery Han kil, Heyri, South Korea
2009, Lightless Light, IMart Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2008, Things Dancing, Gallery Dr. Park, YangPyeong, South Korea
2008, My lonely planet, SP Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2017 Arts Council Korea Fund for oversea artist residency
2012 63 Sky Art Museum New Artist Project, 63 Sky Art Museum, Seoul
2011 KIMI For Young Artist Contest Selection, KIMI Art, Seoul

Seoul Museum of art
National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea (Art Bank)
63 Sky Art Museum
Hoseo University
GUHO Design

2017.9-2017.10 The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts Exploratory Residency Program NY. USA
2017.6  Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residence Program, Shanghai, China
2017.1~2017.3  Glogau AIR Artist Residence program, Berlin, Germany
2012.11~2013.10  Ujung Art Center Residency, Seoul, South Korea
2010.9~2012.8  Gana Art Jang-Heung Residency, South Korea

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